My VBE2 compliant library

Today I release two useful libraries for DOS 6.22:

  • FASHION OF (true) COLOR (version Omicron) is a VBE2 compliant library. It detects the videocard, searches for available modes, lists/sets them, and provides you with a linear framebuffer.
    It's compiled with Watcom for pentium under 32bit mode, flat model, register calling convention (CCOPTS: -zp8 -5r -fpi87 -fp5 -oteaxnbhk -ol+ -ei -mf).
    You can use it for non-commercial purposes, as long as you greet me in your productions.
  • An implementation of DPMI functions which has been used while coding the above library, and contains alloc(), free(), map(), unmap(), DOSint() functions. You can use it, as usual, for non-commercial goals only. Don't forget to greet me :)
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