JLPT 2004

I just come back from the JLPT examination (in Japanese: 日本語能力試験受験). It was my first time (I did the 4th, beginner level), and I found it quite difficult: the first test was really quick and I haven't had the time to carefully read the sheet, so in the 3rd test I sped up and finished 20 minutes too early :)

The listening part was bad. Tape's quality was poor compared to audio cds from the JLPT books, the volume was quite low, and due to the examination's room's hugeness it lacked stereo (I had to turn to my right side so that the sound could reach both my ears).

I managed to smoke a cigarette at the window without being caught :)

I'm sick so to make it a lil more difficult I got some fever right in the middle of the test. I was glad I took some ibuprofen pills at the exam. All in all, it was a stress situation and I don't know if I succeed or not. Results are expected in late February.

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