Opera browser for Nintendo DS finally released in Europe

From Pocket-Lint:

Opera’s browser for the Nintendo DS was rolled out across Europe today, after an initial launch in Japan last February.

The browser comes in two variations, one for the DS and one for the DS Lite. It utilises the split-screen of the DS to the full, offering two different viewing modes. One is fit-to-width mode that stretches a single webpage on both screens. The other is DS Mode, where the entire webpage is shown on one display, while the other shows a magnified portion of it. A little thumbnail appears in the full-screen version to show you what you’re viewing at any time.

That the browser doesn’t support Flash websites is bound to be a disappointment for some, who might be mollified by the fact that the handheld console can recognise handwriting and also provides an on-screen keyboard for typing in web address.

The browser, which is sold as a cartridge, is available now for €40, or around £30.

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