Automagic web browsers and user-agents features listing

Since I launched my Pokemon quiz, so many people have come to get an answer to this most important question: What pokemon am I?.

My logs are full of strange user-agents. Most japanese people use their mobile phone for surfing the internet, so I got a whole bunch of KDDI, DoCoMo and Softbank users too.

By looking at the page views / visits ratio, I've found a problem with my quiz: the ratio was ridiculously low for mobile phones users. So I quickly turned my PSP on and tried to get the quiz's page in its web browser (NetFront 3), with no luck.

Debugging Javascript on a PSP can tend to get boresome.. So I've got an idea! What if I checked everyone's web browser against the list of features I require, and see how many people leave my site with a great frustration?

This is my automagically self-updating, ever-growing web browsers and user-agents features listing.

The first implemented check concerns AJAX: each browser that comes to one of my websites (this blog included) have its ajaxibility checked and sent to the list. Next one will be screen resolution, since the ad columns on the pokemon quiz are 400-pixel wide and are occluding the rest of the page on mobile devices, so I will have to adapt AdSense placement depending on the user-agent.

EDIT: Others have now implemented this concept, and since I never got any time to expand my version I just removed it (that's why you do not see the link anymore). I suggest you read Wikipedia's article about User Agents to find a much better tool!

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