MappyMoby First Public Beta Released!

I haven't been really active on this blog during the last weeks, since my coworkers and I have been preparing the first public beta of our shining new product: MappyMobi.


So what is it? MappyMobi is an off-board car (and pedestrian) navigation solution that will guide you from your position to your destination, provided that you've got a Smartphone and a GPS unit.

It currently supports Smartphones and PocketPC running Windows Mobile 5.0, as well as SymbianOS powered phones (Series60 2nd edition fp1 or UIQ release 2.1). We're having a bad time at porting it to Series60 3rd edition since the whole platform has changed, but expect another release soon with this support. And the best news is: it's free (if you don't mind some ads showing up) !

I have been working a lot on providing accurate routing orders and creating order and smoothness over the chaotic and noisy positions the GPS units feed our application with, and the underlying algorithm does quite a good job now! Expect an article about the Good and the Evil (aka the Mean Filter and the Kalman Filter) in the near future on this blog where I'll explain how to compute a good position from GPS input.

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